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Monday, January 19, 2004

Chapter one of the textbook seems primarily concerned with qualitative research as a means for establishing the context in which studies occur. According to the text, qualitative has the ability to establish context for surveys by asking open-ended questions, while quantitative data is too subject to interpretation. The authors, however, do admit that qualitative research can be a "didactic nightmare" because it does not benefit from the uniform tools used in evaluating quantitative data. I hope that this makes since. At times, the text is rather dense.


I found the handout fascinating, but the results less than shocking. I would like to see the same study repeated using different criteria. For instance, I would like to see the same study with the top money-making celebrities or with celebrities that consistently receive the most hits on their web-sites. The results may not vary, but there may be an increase in the number of socialized images on these sites.

This is my first post. More to come . . .

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